Don MacPherson
12 Geniuses

Don MacPherson is the founder and host of the 12 Geniuses podcast which explores the technology advances, demographic shifts, and new business models that will change the way we live and work. 12 Geniuses is the fifth business he has started. Don was formerly Head of Global Talent Marketing for Aon and the leader of their Global Best Employer program. He joined the Aon team when Modern Survey, the HR Technology firm he co-founded, was acquired in 2016. 

Don is the author or co-author of dozens of articles about the employee experience and the editor of the futuristic ebook Talent 2021. Additionally, he has hosted and delivered hundreds of webinars and spoken across the United States as well as internationally in Turkey, Mexico, Hungary, Canada, and Poland.

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Christopher Kurtz
Do Good

Christopher Kurtz is the CKO (Chief Kindness Officer) of Do Good. Be Kind.®, a company that he co-founded with his wife, Brittany, in 2017. He is also the Founder and Principal at PeerThru, LLC, an independent consultancy committed to helping clients manage and capitalize on insights from their presence on Glassdoor. Prior to launching PeerThru, Chris spent over 3 years leading Enterprise Sales at Glassdoor where he was instrumental in helping them craft their story and presence in the B2B space. Some of the clients he worked with include recognized names like L'Oreal, Nike, Facebook, Liberty Mutual, and Amazon.

Chris has over 20 years of experience leading a wide range of high-performing,
diverse teams in both start-up and large enterprise companies. He believes in work-life harmony, the influence of leadership beyond the walls of the office, and that we all exist to make a difference. He is a devoted husband and father of four stinky boys. 

Jason Averbook

Jason Averbook is a global keynote speaker, industry analyst, co-founder and CEO of Leapgen, a digital transformation company shaping the future of work. With more than 25 years of experience in the HR and technology industry, Jason looks to broaden executive mindset to rethink how to better design and deliver employee services that exceed the expectations of the workforce and the needs of the business. Prior to co-founding Leapgen, Jason also co-founded Knowledge Infusion LLC in 2005 until 2012 when the company was sold to Appirio. After the acquisition was complete he served as the Chief Innovation Officer, where he was responsible for Appirio's human capital management line's groundbreaking vision and strategy. He held the position of CEO of The Marcus Buckingham Company (TMBC) from 2014 through 2016. Prior to founding Knowledge Infusion, he served as Senior Director of PeopleSoft Global Product Marketing at PeopleSoft, where he was responsible for the marketing including packaging and positioning for PeopleSoft’s flagship product line. Prior to PeopleSoft, he served as Director of Organizational Readiness at Ceridian Corporation, an HR and payroll outsourcing company.

Brian Kennett
Star Tribune

Brian Kennett, Vice President Digital Advertising at Star Tribune Media Company, has over a decade of experience helping brands of all sizes attract and retain customers and employees using innovative digital tactics. He is a passionate advocate for local media and small business, and thrives on explaining the complex world of digital marketing in ways that can be easily understood by all. Brian has been a digital leader and innovator at national and regional brands including Deluxe Corporation, Digital First Media (owner of the Denver Post, Mercury News, St Paul Pioneer Press, and over 70 other US Markets), UnityPoint Health, and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.


Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris, in her role, she oversees their industry research work, including the esteemed Annual HR Systems Survey and White Paper, now in its 20th year. A former executive with HR research firms Bersin & Associates by Deloitte and Brandon Hall, she is a frequent speaker at HR events both in the U.S. and abroad, and often quoted in major media outlets such as Forbes, FastCompany, and HR Executive Magazine. Prior to joining the research community, Harris obtained her Master’s in Education, worked as a practitioner and consultant, and advised on multiple HR, Talent Management, and Learning initiatives for fortune 100 organizations around the world, including McDonald’s, Lockheed Martin, Cisco, Credit Suisse, Scotia Bank, and Pfizer. Stacey also co-hosts the popular HR Tech Weekly Radio Show every Thursday morning at HR Examiner, covering HR Technology news and trends. Stacey loves a conversation and interesting questions –stop her anytime for a good discussion.

Desmund Adams
Focus and Find

Desmund Adams serves as the Chairman and CEO of Focus & Find, the nation’s only socially responsible board and executive search firm. Adams is the innovator behind Focus & Find’s subscription-based inclusive diverse recruitment talent pipeline platform. Prior to leading Focus & Find, Adams founded Talent Acquisition Group and successfully managed it until his run for US Congress in 2014. Adams’ strategic development skills, corporate governance capabilities and leadership experience have been consistent factors in his continued organizational and entrepreneurial success. With deep industry acumen and several clients valued at over $100 billion, Adams is a trusted human resources advisor to national leaders in finance, healthcare, and information technology.


Cara Herrick
General Mills


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Dan Houston

With an early career in the HR Advisory group at E&Y and since then with Luxotica and Comcast working in HR and Technology, Dan is an augmented leader with a passion applying a technology, innovation and data mindset to HR functions.  He has an MBA in Business Analytics from George Washington University.

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Zac Engler
Amplifon Americas

Zac Engler is a Talent Acquisition Leader at Amplifon Americas (new headquarters in downtown Minneapolis).  Amplifon Spa is an Italian company and the world's largest hearing aid retailer. Zac has with extensive experience in employee development, international recruiting, recruitment branding/marketing, and pro-active innovative sourcing. Zac's TA focus is currently on the strategies and technologies driving the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Follow his blogs including: Machines Learning and a mini-series: A.I. Stepping Into Life & Future Proofing Your Career to learn more about how AI is changing the way we live. Zac has also written a fun children's book, 'The Dingleberrys' - check it out for a fun family adventure!

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Larry Dunivan
CEO, ThinkHR

Larry Dunivan has spent his entire career working in HCM technology, having built, sold or deployed three generations of HR software. Having done almost everything you can do in a software company with the last 20 years of it in leadership, he’s learned a few things about customers, technology and most of all how to lead people through those transitions. Join him for an engaging look into those leadership lessons that are part of his upcoming (but yet untitled) book.

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Giselle Mota
Future of Work

Giselle Mota is a Principal consultant for the Future of Work at ADP. She has experience in digital workplace learning strategies employing AI and data analytics-driven solutions to executives and practitioners. She has spoken at TEDx and several HR conferences and events always bringing relevance, simplicity and humanity to future of work topics that can often seem abstract and complex. Master’s in Business with focus on organizational design and change management.

Eric Kimberling
CEO, Third Stage Consulting

Eric Kimberling is a globally recognized and respected independent HCM systems expert, giving 100% unbiased advice to clients for over 20 years. Eric is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and universities worldwide, and is often quoted in newspapers, magazines, and books, including the Wall Street Journal, CFO magazine, CIO Magazine, and Fortune. He has served as an expert witness in high-profile ERP legal cases, representing both government and private companies. He is the author of “An Expert’s Guide to ERP Success,” “Lessons from Over 1,000 ERP Implementations,” and “The Definitive Guide to a Successful SAP S/4HANA Transformation.”

Eric is expert in organizational change management, project management, implementation, and evaluation and selection of HCM and ERP software systems. Eric has also helped clients with merger and acquisition business integration, business process reengineering, and Six Sigma projects. His consulting focus is currently on SAP S4/HANA, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Workday, and digital transformation implementations. 

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Doug Berg

Doug Berg is a recruiting technology pioneer and Minnesota-based entrepreneur.  Doug's multiple talent technology startups have generated over $125 dollars in venture capital have created game changing innovations at a global scale. Doug founded, one of the earliest social networks for technology professionals used by millions of technical professionals and thousands of employers.  He also founded Jobs2Web, the first recruitment marketing platform used by hundreds of the top global employers and acquired by SuccessFactors/SAP in 2010 for $110 million. In 2018, Doug's startup MyAlerts sold to private equity firm Think3. Currently, Doug is an investor and advisor to several innovative talent technology companies, and continues to be a farsighted thought-leader on strategies, technologies, and trends for the recruiting industry.

Alison Smith
The Really Useful People Group

Alison Smith, founder of The Really Useful People Group, is a positive, energetic and uber-creative force of nature on a mission to bring more thriving and flourishing to life!

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Alison trained as a fashion designer, became a hotelier and then made her way across-the-pond to the United States where working in the dynamic world of global hospitality she honed her expertise in personal and organizational development.

Now a proud and enormously grateful dual citizen, Alison works with individuals and organizations to help them positively transform their lives and work using her really useful skills of coaching, consulting, facilitating, teaching and writing.